Your Website Needs To Be Secured

Your Guide To Securing Your Business

Use this guide is to assist in your decision of which product may be best for your situation. If you need further advice please be sure to Contact Us.

Trustico® Easy SSL Information

SSL Certificates & Identity Site Seals

You would normally use an SSL Certificate to collect credit card information or sensitive data, such as order information, which you wish to ensure is protected whist being delivered to you via your website.

You will also want your customers to feel safe entering any personal details on your site, this is achieved by clearly displaying the site seal provided with your SSL Certificate.

To gain and maintain customer trust and confidence, it is important that websites be 'Verified' which means that a trusted third-party can prove that a website is who it says it is. An identity site seal does not encrypt data, usually included with the purchase of an SSL Certificate, though, it can be purchased separately to instill customer trust when an SSL Certificate is not required.

Document Signing Products

Document signing products allow authors to create Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) documents that clearly certify to recipients that the author's identity has been verified by a trusted organization and that the document has not been altered.

Cheap Positive SSL Certificate Products

For those that want a highly trusted SSL Certificate at the lowest cost available, our Positive SSL Certificates are issued instantly without the requirement of providing any paperwork. You will receive a free Trustico® Site Seal and the SSL Certificate will operate just like any other SSL Certificate, without any annoying pop ups.

Trustico® SSL Certificate & Site Seal Products

Trustico® products are highly recognized and trusted. The issuance process is instant for Domain Validated products.

The highly trusted and recognized Trustico® Site Seal is provided with each Trustico® product, increasing customer trust and confidence.

Comodo® SSL Certificate & Site Seal Products

Companies, governments and public institutions worldwide trust Comodo® to secure their sites and protect their brands.

The world's 40 largest banks and a large number of Fortune 500 companies choose Comodo® SSL Certificates. Comodo® is a truly world-wide recognized brand.

Comodo® SSL Certificates work with Mobile Devices, include unlimited Issuance Insurance and include the very popular Site Seal.

SGC provides the ability for an SSL Certificate to 'step-up' older browsers that are only capable of weak, 40 Bit encryption to secure 128 Bit - 256 Bit encryption without the need to upgrade. It was introduced at a time when stringent United States encryption export laws would only allow browsers to encrypt at 40 Bit levels. There are still millions of users that still use these older browsers. Websites wishing to offer the highest level of trust and 256 Bit encrypted transactions to the widest possible customer base should consider a Comodo® SSL Certificate which includes SGC

Ordering & Installing An SSL Certificate

Typically you should provide a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to us during the ordering process. This is usually generated by your hosting provider, control panel or other tools provided by your hosting provider. For instructions on how to generate a CSR please Click Here.

After you have completed your order you will be provided with an SSL Certificate which you will have to install on your website via your hosting control panel or other tools provided by your hosting provider or with the help of your hosting provider. For instructions on how to install your SSL Certificate please Click Here.

Visit our Premium Installation page if you require us to install your SSL Certificate. Premium Installation is an additional service which must be purchased at the time of ordering.

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